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When buying or selling a home through a local estate agent, first impressions count. Do you get the right ‘gut’ feeling? It’s all about trust really. Without knowing someone personally, would you trust them to be fair and efficient? That’s an issue we are trying to resolve here at Felixstowe Property. We will endeavor to give you more personal information on the estate agents featured so you can make the best decisions when choosing them. Whether you are purchasing or selling a home in the Suffolk town of Felixstowe or the surrounding villages of Trimley St Maty, Trimley St Martin, Kirton or Falkenham we are here to help you choose the right local people who have exclusive local knowledge of the local housing markets; people you can trust.

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Felixstowe lies on the Suffolk coast at the confluence of the river Orwell and river Stour as it opens to the North Sea.

With a population in the region of 24,000, it has previously been known to have a majority of older residents but that is changing as newer technology jobs develop in the area and WFH escalates.

It has a rail link via Ipswich to London with a traveling time of about 1hr 30mins so is on the fringes of commuter distance but is comfortable for days out and entertainment. Alternatively, there are good road links to the Midlands via the A14 and London is about two hours via A12/A13.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for in Felixstowe there are further property possibilities in South East Suffolk at Southwold,  Aldeburgh FramlinghamWoodbridge , Lavenham and Hadleigh .

Felixstowe History

First known as a little hamlet called Walton before the Norman conquest, Felixstowe started to slowly grow from the 13th Century. The name was given, retrospectively to commemorate Felix of Burgundy, a saint and Bishop of the East Angles in the late 7th Century.

The Felixstowe area as a whole provided a linchpin in England’s defence, as proved in 1667 when Dutch soldiers landed near the Fludyers area and tried (unsuccessfully) to capture Landguard Fort due to its strategic location.

In 1811, seven Martello Towers were built along the coastline as invasion defences and four still remain.

The port was officially built and open for trade in 1886.

As with a lot of coastal villages and towns, they became more popular during the Victorian era of tourism and that was the case with Felixstowe, culminating in a pier and railway station being built in the early 1900’s.

Felixstowe has since played crucial roles in both wars, notably in WW2 as the base of the MTB’s (motor torpedo boats) that took on the German E boats and coastal convoys.

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4 Bed Family Home


Bacton Rd, Felixstowe


Other beautiful areas to look at property are Aldeburgh, Southwold, Framlingham and Woodbridge.